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A professional IT solution workshop

Who we are

IT prototype creator:
Give your an reasonable IT prototype for your business
Professional development team:
We are a professional team focusing on the most of computer technology
Online market analyst:
We know which online strategy is more suitable for your business
Your friends:
We are not only your co-operator, also are your friend.
UI & UX design
Modern development:
Architecture, OOP, Agile development
Digital social channels:
Facebook, Twitter, Wechat

What you don't Know

Understand your business:
Any IT solutions are to help your business, not your business works for it. That's why we need to know about your business to think & design the right solution for you.
Slow development process:
Like building construction, there are lots of steps behind your eyes. What you have seen is just a surface of application.
Testing & debug:
Before we deliver a final product to you, we need to make sure there is no any problems and it works exactly according to your original requirements.
Prototype & Design:
Testing & Debug:

Our works

Deson kitchen New Zealand:

Find us

+64 21 2634 172
No.7 Capricorn place,
Rototuna North,
Hamilton, 3210

About us

Hi~!!! We are F.STUDIO team

Our team has been founded by F.FANG who has worked in IT for over 30 years and passion for IT revolution. Our way of working and design process allows us to deliver outstanding solution to your business at very competitive and reasonable prices.

Always on the lookout for new ideas and innovative solutions, we're able to offer up to date & creative IT solution that integrate the pinnacle of CG design. Our goal is to offer a solution that helps our clients for running their business without any worries.


F.STUDIO designs and develops web software and mobile APP for our clients. We specialise in maintaining and modernising difficult, high risk legacy software, but we are also highly skilled at helping clients build secure, stable and user-friendly new software.

Professional Prototype & Design

Our prototype process will give an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept for your business and help you to identify your IT solution.

Web & App Development

Our development methodology is a highly transparent design and development process. So clients can know about the progress of their project, including time & budget.

Online marketing & Promotion Strategy

Our digital marketing team gives you professionally services using digital & online technologies, not only on the Internet, but also including mobile devices, to promote your business through the most digital medium.



No.7 Capricorn place,
Rototuna North,
Hamilton, 3210


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